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76 years of independence and Pakistan

by Tariq Khan Treen
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Tariq khan treen

When the clash of civilizations forced mankind to choose a separate state for himself, the Aqabrin Hind, looking at the civilization of The Muslims, insisted that since Islam is a religion as opposed to Hinduism, two people to live according to their beliefs. It is imperative for the nations to choose a separate state for themselves, then the Muslims of India announced their accession to Pakistan, responding to the voice of their aqabrin. This is the name of a struggle, young, old, children, men and women, i.e. people belonging to all walks of life, made immense sacrifices for the ideological, cultural, and separate identity of the Muslims of India, due to which Pakistan came into existence.
These were the moments before 1857 when the subcontinent was ruled by Muslims and after the Mughals, in the War of Independence of 1857, the British occupied it. And the British established their dominance everywhere. After this domination, all the nations of the subcontinent were divided and were drowning in the swamp of despair, as if the dream of freedom had now become like a straw. Mountains of persecution of Muslims were broken, an education system was created that Muslim children who were kept away from modern education, employment opportunities were kept out, human beings were not equated with human beings, even muslims were treated far-fetched socially, socially, economically and educationally. Various movements were launched against the religion of Islam, even attempts were made to distort the way of life, civilization and achievements of Muslims.
The Hindus of the subcontinent did not care about the British, because before them they were ruled by Muslims, due to which the Hindus were trying to rule the subcontinent and especially the Muslims there with the British.Due to which Hindus along with the British started various kinds of propaganda against Islam and Muslims. There came a time when Hindus used to dream of self-rule by expelling the British and were looking for an opportunity. He used to throw mud at Muslims, provoke the British against Muslims, and Muslims against the British so that in some way they could take advantage of themselves by engaging them. But disbelief should play its tricks and who can resist the tricks of my Allah?
When the Muslims looked at the subcontinent, they saw nothing but darkness and despair, there were clouds of restlessness and restlessness from all sides. Allaah sent brave leaders to this nation to remove the cloud of these disappointments, to turn these disappointments of the nation into a new one. Who started the sun-like efforts to achieve freedom by making the protection of Islam the awakening of Muslims his way. These leaders included Maulana Shabali Nomani, Zafar Ali Khan, Chaudhry Rehmat Ali, Allama Muhammad Iqbal and others. It was Allama Muhammad Iqbal who not only dreamt of a separate state for Muslims but also made practical efforts to make this dream a reality. He himself worked hard and created a new enthusiasm among the Muslims. In the conference held in Allahabad in 1930, it was Allama Iqbal who presented the idea of Pakistan, which was highly appreciated and the Muslims of India collectively started struggling to achieve it.
The annual meeting of the Muslim League was held in March 1940, in which Quaid-e-Azam not only attended but also presided over the meeting. The people are aware of the Resolution of Pakistan, this resolution was presented in the same meeting which was passed. Muslims from other regions also started their indomitable struggle to achieve the resolution. This was the struggle that gained acceptance and popularity in the presence of Allah and a new country on the earth, a new but superior ideology of Islam was given the existence. What is the meaning of Pakistan was to give the system of Allah to the world, to bring an excellent cultural, social and economic system not only to itself, but also to end the injustices in the world, to take the world towards peace and prosperity.
It was the day of August 14, the month of Ramadan, and on the 27th night of this blessed month i.e. on the night of Laylat-ul-Qadr, Pakistan became independent, Allaah convinced the world that if the people of the world overthrow the Ottoman Empire, then the ideology of Islam still has to survive and grow in the form of Pakistan. Which is the guarantee of the safety, peace and prosperity of the world, before which many systems have also come. But everyone drowned humanity. Social and Justice System is needed by the world as well as Pakistan, under which people can breathe a sigh of relief, nominal democracy is the one that has changed the features of the world, Pakistan will be the only country that is in front of protecting all humanity.
Like every year, we will celebrate August 14 with great pomp. This is independence day for Pakistan and Pakistanis have to keep this day alive like every time. On the occasion of Independence Day, Pakistanis recite the Quran in the morning to thank Allah, special prayers are organized for the martyrs of the country, the whole country is decorated like a bride and people prostrate before Allah for his success and achievement. The flag of their country is hoisted on the roofs of government buildings and houses. Buses, trucks, bicycles, motorcycles, vehicles, everywhere the flags of their beloved country are seen.Here on August 14, people take out rallies, rallies, meetings to express their loyalty, in which speeches, milli songs, etc. are held. On this day, young people, elderly, children and women participate actively.
But where are we standing at the moment? Do we stand by the dreams that Allama Muhammad Iqbal saw for this country? What has made the situation of this country, not politics for politicians, interests have become weak, Imran Khan’s PTI workers have made the limit that we will not celebrate Independence Day. There are many nationalist parties in Balochistan who do not celebrate independence day, in the same way, the economist needs a more economic life than the betterment of the country, bureaucrats are also second to none in their whims, in military institutions where our brothers sacrifice on a daily basis, some of the sons of the same institution but in big positions give themselves the title of Pharaohism. He makes sacrifices a shield for himself. The country does not care for the judges in the courts.However, they do not tolerate contempt of court. Democracy is nominally necessary, no matter how much damage the country needs, without democracy as we will die.
But since hopelessness has been described as disbelief and Iqbal was also not disappointed with his misery. We also hope for improvement, but nothing will happen with hope alone, some practical role has to be played because Allah says in the Qur’an that He never changes the situation of this nation unless he himself strives for it. Iqbal also says that
God has not changed the condition of this people to this day.
Don’t think you’re going to change your situation.
We also have to light our share of lamps for the betterment of Pakistan. You have to do your job honestly in the best possible way within your scope. Quaid’s Pakistan, ideological Pakistan, Islamic Pakistan is the path of salvation for us, apart from this, whatever claim is made, brought, Pakistan had nothing to do with it and will not remain so. May Allah almighty free our beloved Pakistan from all the problems faced by it and keep it alive till the Day of Judgment. Amen

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