Our Policies

Gee Tv does not share any information with a third party that is provided by you except when needed under the orders of court or law.


We gather a limited amount of information such as the type of browser you are using and how much time you are investing in our website. The sole purpose of this information is to optimize our website to the priorities of the visitors.


Besides, we gather information that our visitors provide by answering surveys, joining mailing lists, filling out the surveys, or participating in contests.

We keep this informati

on protected and ensure its safety. We do not share this information with any third party.

 Importantly, we are not able to secure the information, that you provide in comments or discussion boxes or any forum that is open to the public. We cannot ensure to protect your data that is open to the public.


In addition, we do not sell your emails or contact information to any other party.

About Us

Geetvhd  is a news channel of Pakistan that keeps the public and all viewers informed about the country’s situation. It has always been a priority of GTV to expose as much as possible about the most exclusive and interesting aspects of news.

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